Why is Sedentary Way of Life Harmful for Men’s Sexual Health?

The evolutionary grade where a man labored physically all day long in order to provide for his family has passed. Today confining work has become a norm for men of various professions. Moreover, sedentary work is even more prestige and sought after. Many men sit still 12 hours a day, not thinking that this is dangerous for their health. Meanwhile, sedentary way of life brings a lot of problems to men’s health including their sexual health. Here are only some of them.

• Low potency. A good potency requires constant blood circulation in the pelvic organs. When a man is in the sitting position, blood circulation is disturbed. This, in turn, causes blood congestion. When a man spends too much time sitting still, inflammatory conditions can develop. They are the natural cause of the next disorder.
• Prostatitis. The full name of this disorder is prostatic gland inflammation. Urination difficulty, burning sensation, lowering of potency, weak orgasm, premature ejaculation is not a complete list of its symptoms. Men suffering prostatitis always have difficulties with leading a healthy sexual life.
• Overweight. Not everyone knows that extra weight is a cause of potency problems and hormone imbalance. The fact is that in fatty tissue the women’s hormone estrogen is produced, which contrary to the men’s hormone testosterone. This is why, “little potbelly” is not as innocent as it can seem.
• Lowering of overall muscle tone. Muscles that lack regular physical load become weak and atrophied. Atrophy of the cardiac muscle is especially dangerous, as this muscle is responsible for the functioning of the entire organism. Weakening of the cardiac muscle is often a cause of various cardiovascular disorders, such as atherosclerosis, angina and so on. Some of these diseases are contraindications for sexual life.

What is the solution?

• The best treatment is prevention. If you have to sit still for many hours, try to make regular 5-minutes breaks, at least once an hour. During these breaks try to move: jump or just walk up and down the stairs.
• If you live not in the other end of the city, go to work on foot. First, you’ll forget about traffic jams. Second, you’ll improve your health. Third, you’ll save your money.
• Find a set of simple physical exercises that suit you. Let it be squatting, toe touches and twisting. Do these exercises whenever possible – at the office and at home.
• If you encountered the first symptoms of the prostatitis and/or erectile dysfunction, go to a doctor. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed – treatment at an early stage is always more effective.
• For the ease of symptoms choose only progressive drugs with a high level of effectiveness and safety, such as Cialis. It effectively stimulates natural blood circulation in the pelvis organs and can be used for the treatment of both ED and prostatic gland dysfunction.

A sedentary lifestyle can make much harm to your health. Don’t neglect the tips and be healthy!