When a Man has Erectile Dysfunction – what should his Partner do?

Unfortunately, nobody’s insured against health problems and even the strongest men with a big sexual appetite may have problems with erection. The absence of erection can erodeWhen a Man has Erectile Dysfunction – what should his Partner do? men’s self-confidence and cause a nervous breakdown, depressive disorders, and other unpleasant phenomena. In case when a weak potency is not a consequence of serious pathologies, a loving woman can quite help her man to regain his confidence and, in fact, restore male power. Of course, for all the men taking drugs such as Cialis or Viagra is highly important for ED treatment but the main thing is their women’s support, care, attention, and the complete absence of hints on the failed sexual intercourse.

When Men need the Women’s Support?

It should be noted that the woman’s assistance in matters of the intimate sphere is necessary for the man almost always, and especially when a manWhen a Man has Erectile Dysfunction – what should his Partner do? has problems. Timely care and attention can save from the most negative consequences of failures in the intimate sphere. Besides, it should be noted that the term “erectile dysfunction” is applicable only when the number of failed sexual intercourses reaches at least 30% of the total number. When a weak potency is only a temporary and one-time phenomenon, the talk about impotence is completely meaningless.

So, when is the time for women to take a special care of their men?

  • If ED is a result of some disease of the genital organs. In this case, the man suffers not only from the physical discomfort caused by the disease, but also from the psychological.
  • If sexual intercourse is impossible due to physical fatigue, lack of desire, nervous overstrains. Often in such situations, women can behave incorrectly, accusing their partners. It is worth remembering that the human body is not a machine, and is quite affected by negative external factors. Goodwill and the absence of unreasonable claims, in this case, are the best option for help.
  • If a man can’t have sex at the very moment when a woman demands it. Often, wives deride male incapability or express aggression. With a systematic repetition of the situation, the persistent spouse may turn even a self-assured man into a beheaded creature.

What Women shouldn’t do?

  • Women shouldn’t be making an impression that nothing happens;
  • Women shouldn’t place greater focus on intimate problems of her partner;
  • Women shouldn’t refuse sex to the partner;
  • Women shouldn’t disregard the lifestyle effect on the problem;
  • Women shouldn’t panic.

What Women should do?

When a Man has Erectile Dysfunction – what should his Partner do?

Erectile dysfunction is not always the result of diseases and physical disorders. It often happens that men have intimate problems because they don’t get enough love and care from their spouses who often can’t provide an elementary comfort and hearthside.

Besides, women are recommended to do the following:

  • Organise a healthy nutrition. It’s better to offer homemade food to the partners: low-fat, fresh, high-protein food.
  • Have a heart to heart talk with a partner about sexual problems and the ways out.
  • Visit a specialist together with a partner. Most men are afraid of doctors, so woman’s support can’t hurt.
  • Help the partner to follow the rules of therapy and taking drugs. For example, most specialists prescribe their partners to take Cialis as a major ED medication. A woman can remind her man to take it timely and not to forget to get it when the pills run out.
  • Believe in successful recovery.