Quiet games: how to have passionate sex so as not to wake up children!

It is difficult to imagine sex without voluptuous moans, discordant screams, squeaks of a mattress and the back of the bed banging against the wall. By default, this is considered to be an integral part of hot and full fleshly pleasures of the night, like generic Cialis and a bunch of used condoms. But in a number of cases, for example, thin walls between bedrooms or staying with the parents of the spouse – you face a dilemma: either dumb sex, or completely its absence. We have no doubt about which option you choose.

Fortunately, “quiet games at the side of sleeping people” do not require from you special sacrifices like sticking a mouth with tape or restricting your love-acrobatic arsenal with a sad missionary posture. Following our recommendations, you will ensure full sex, without depriving yourself of the pleasure of manifesting the whole gamut of emotions at the peak of pleasure. So acquire free Cialis coupon and choose for this night Cialis 20mg.

Build a fortress out of blankets

Line up around the perimeter of the bed a reliable “breastwork” of pillows and pull a blanket over it. “High-frequency sound waves when passing through the barrier from blankets are transformed into insignificant vibrations, which are almost completely” lost “among the biker or sintepon fibers and will not be able to escape,” explains the manager of Lost Track Productions, Tom Payer, who participated in the creation of soundtracks for “Hobbit” and “Game of Thrones”. Most soft objects (a sofa, a bed and even your wife’s breast) are capable of absorbing sound waves, but pillows and blankets cope with this task much better. However, in any case, try not to overdo with voice: the blanket absorbs the sound, but this is less of a concern for deep tones.

Get in the shower

Your favorite place for masturbation (oops!) is equally suitable for paired “dances”, and all because the shower is one of the noisiest places in the house. “Water smashes the sound pulses into a myriad of molecules,” explains acoustic engineer from Sound Research Corporation, Maria Kanul. “Every time a sound wave collides with a stream of water, its propagation slows down, it changes its shape and dies out.” It should be remembered that warm water has beneficial effects on the vocal cords. No wonder singing in the shower is one of the favorite activities of mankind: water makes the voice deeper and promotes the sound throughout the apartment.

Canadian scientists, calling for magnetic resonance imaging, found out that a person’s favorite music at the first hearing excites the same departments of the pleasure center of the brain, which are stimulated by sex or delicious food. Thus, music can become for you not only a way of masking your sexual exercises, but also a mean for multiplying pleasure.

Dissolve in music

We suggest you take advantage of the experience of people with a cold head and a hot heart, but at the same time use not a disgusting sound cacophony, but a pleasant musical accompaniment. Include unobtrusive relaxing music with sensual female vocals (optionally with a male impregnation) – and you can safely surrender to the power of Eros.

Get a good bed

passionate sex

A creaky base of an old bed can give your love a fuss. Therefore, if you do not give up hope to try the whole arsenal of poses from the Kamasutra – do not be stingy and invest your money in a reliable “sex range”. Give preference to beds which base is elevated above the floor level so that the resonance from collision of sound waves with the floor is minimal (if you prefer a higher base, then a rug under the bed can become a way out of the situation). Another option to upgrade your bed is to purchase a new mattress with a modern memory foam storage type.

Tuck on the eggs

This is the final and, apparently, the most intriguing recommendation. Relax: you will need not the eggs themselves, but shop corrugated pallets for them, which are known to be an excellent means of noise isolation. Seal your bedroom by covering the gap between the door and the floor (blankets and pillows are also good). In addition to creating a mechanical barrier between the moaning and squelching sounds of love and extraneous ears, the corrugated cardboard absorbs sound waves, preventing them from spreading further.