Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: their Interconnection and Treatment!

Diabetes Impact on Male Potency

Erectile Dysfunction is a typical disorder of diabetes when combined with other health complications leads to a degraded life. Numerous scientific findings have proves that men suffering from diabetes have erectile disorder more often than men with a normal blood sugar level (BSL).

Here is the explanation of this relationship:
About 150mg of blood are necessary for a full-fledged sexual intercourse: this blood volume is blocked in the penis until the ejaculation. In the case of diabetes blood vessels are damaged and penis cavernous bodies are hardly filled with blood that causes erectile disorder.

Diabetes is the disease of the endocrine system and has an influence on the hormonal system decreasing the testosterone level in blood. Most patients with this problem mark a decreased erection and sexual enticement.

If erectile dysfunction is developing on the back of blood-vessel occlusion, very soon it can provoke a worsening of the heart, the onset of a stroke, a heart attack. Therefore, any suspicious signs should be the reason for an immediate appeal to a doctor who will prescribe an individual treatment, depending on the cause of the disease.

ED Treatment on the Background of Diabetes

If a man has insulin-independent diabetes (NIDDM), he should start the treatment with improvement in his health:

  • Keep a healthy diet, not to gain weight. It’s prohibited to eat pastry, confectionery products, and high-fat food. It’s better to eat vegetables, fruit, dairy products;
  • Normalize BSL;
  • Give up smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol;
  • Have moderate physical activities;
  • Monitor blood pressure;
  • Elevate psychological problems;
  • Avoid stress situations and weariness.

Pharmaceutical Treatment

If frequent situations of stress are the seed of ED, then specialists prescribe to take tranquilizers and antidepressants. It should be remembered that it can be dangerous to take any pills without doctor’s assignment.

Glucophage and Siofor are prescribed:

  • Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction: their Interconnection and Treatment!To normalize the blood sugar level.
  • To prevent cholesterol accretion and clogging of blood vessels, doctors prescribe such medicines as Atorvastatin, Lovastatin.
  • To increase the testosterone level hormonal drugs are suitable.

With the aim of improving the work of the nervous system, enhancing the sensitivity of nerve endings, thioctic acid medications come to the rescue.
To enhance potency doctors usually prescribe PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis and Viagra. Such drugs increase the flow of blood into the penis, maintain an erection in a state of arousal. Besides according to clinical findings, Cialis intake increases the testosterone level in blood.

How to Buy and Take Cialis?

Let us recall that diabetes is a grave disease that’s why self-treatment is extremely impossible. That’s why every patient should take only the drugs prescribed by a specialist and buy them only in reliable drug-stores or licensed online pharmacies. Besides, taking Cialis is possible only after a normalization of health state. Standard course dosage of Cialis pills is 10mg once a day. Daily use of the drug is prescribed for severe sexual disorders only. If necessary, the doctor can change the dose. But in cases of diabetes, kidney or liver failure, dose adjustment is not required, but if a man complains of side effects, the dosage can be reduced to 5 mg.