Classification of Men’s Sexual Problems and Ways of Their Treatment

Maturity, strength, and self-confidence are three pillars, which are the base of the “real man” image. All representatives of the stronger sex want to be masculine. However, not everybody associates this with the care of men’s health, which is the source of inner strength influencing both an intimate life and social activity, and self-actualization.

Today there is much tension around the issue of men’s health. Frequent stresses, unfavorable ecological environment, unhealthy nutrition, bad habits, sexually transmitted infections and inflammatory processes in the sphere of the reproductive system inevitably lead to men’s diseases, which cause potency disorders, prostatitis, and even severe forms of infertility.

Diseases of men’s sexual sphere are classified depending on their nature. Commonly, the following categories are distinguished:

• Congenital (usually genetic) abnormal development of genital organs.
• Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, urethritis and so on).
• The trauma of the penis or the scrotum.
• Libido disorders (low sex drive).
• Potency disorders (erectile dysfunction).
• Congenital and acquired infertility.

Despite a great number of possible disorders and diseases in the sexual sphere, many of stronger sex representatives prefer to close their eyes to the situation and don’t apply for medical advice. However, such approach is completely wrong, because self-medication is such a delicate sphere can bring more harm rather than help. According to the World Health Organization data, only one man in 9 goes to a specialist in case of intimate problems. At the same time, over 50 percent of men after their forties have problems in the sexual sphere.

The most widespread disorders of sexual nature include erectile dysfunction, low libido, and low testosterone level. It’s worth mentioning that all of them are interconnected. Low testosterone influences both potency and sex drive. Problems with an erection, in turn, can reduce sex desire in men. But in any case, all of them require adequate treatment. Such treatment usually involves the following stages:

• Diagnosis. To get a correct medical diagnosis, visit a specialist – a urologist or an andrologist. Maybe you’ll have to have some samples taken or undergo a medical test. The specialist will put a diagnosis, define the cause of the disorder and make a prescription.

• Eliminating the cause of the disorder. Sometimes it is possible, and sometimes no. For example, if erectile dysfunction is caused by excess fatigue, or stress, or problems in personal relations, sometimes it is enough to resolve the initial problem. But if ED is caused by organic changes in the organism, it is very difficult or even impossible to cure it.

• Symptomatic treatment. If the disorder cannot be cured completely, you can at least ease its symptoms. Fortunately, modern medicine offers great solutions for sexual disorders treatment. One of such solutions is Cialis – a safe, reliable and very effective drug.